Cairo Giza Pyramids and Sphinx Half-Day Tour: Unveil Egypt’s Iconic Wonders

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Sphinx, Al Giza Desert, Egypt
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About this activity

Embark on a journey through the sands of time as you explore the iconic Giza Pyramids and Sphinx with our half-day tour. This awe-inspiring adventure takes you to the very heart of Egypt’s ancient wonders, where the mysteries of pharaohs and the grandeur of the past await.

Why Choose the Giza Pyramids and Sphinx Tour?

The Giza Pyramids and Sphinx are the crowning jewels of Egypt’s history, and this tour brings you face to face with their majesty. With our expert guides, you’ll gain insights into their construction, significance, and the legends that surround them.

What to Expect:

The Great Pyramid of Giza: Stand before the last surviving wonder of the ancient world, the Great Pyramid, and marvel at its sheer size and precision.

The Enigmatic Sphinx: Gaze upon the enigmatic Sphinx, a symbol of mystery and guardianship, as your guide unravels the tales of this colossal monument.

Pyramid Complex: Explore the surrounding pyramid complex, including the Pyramid of Khafre and the Pyramid of Menkaure, each with its own unique history.

Camel Ride: For an unforgettable experience, you can choose to ride a camel around the Giza Plateau and capture breathtaking views (optional).

Historical Insights: Our expert Egyptologists will provide historical context, revealing the significance of hieroglyphics, tombs, and the beliefs of ancient Egyptians.


  • Stand before the awe-inspiring Great Pyramid and explore the Pyramid Complex, including the Pyramids of Khafre and Menkaure.
  • Gaze upon the enigmatic Sphinx and learn about its history and significance.
  • Benefit from the knowledge of expert Egyptologists who will share historical insights and stories that bring ancient Egypt to life.


  • Expert guided tour of the Giza Pyramids and Sphinx.
  • Admission tickets to the Giza Plateau.
  • Round-trip transportation to and from your Cairo hotel.
  • Historical insights and stories from knowledgeable Egyptologists.
  • Food and beverages (available for purchase during the tour).
  • Optional camel ride fees (if chosen).
  • Gratuities for your guide (at your discretion).



Frequently asked questions

The tour typically lasts for approximately 4 hours, allowing you to explore the key highlights.

Yes, round-trip transportation to and from your Cairo hotel is included for your convenience.

Yes, we provide expert-guided tours to enhance your experience and provide in-depth insights.

Absolutely, the tour is suitable for all ages, and children are welcome to join this adventure.

Camel rides are optional and available for an additional fee. You can decide on the spot whether you'd like to enjoy this unique experience.

Pickup times are approximate, and you will receive an email notification with the exact pickup time within 24 hours before your scheduled tour or earlier if booked closer to the date. We aim to make your experience as convenient as possible.

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Sphinx, Al Giza Desert, Egypt


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From: $82.00
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